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It’s not often that you find yourself in a dangerous or inconvenient situation on the road with a flat tire, engine troubles or even running out of gasoline needing roadside assistance in Colorado Springs.  

But, if you do find yourself in trouble, it’s nice to know that Amigo Towing will be there for you when trouble strikes – offering complete roadside assistance when and where you need it most. Count on Amigo Towing   to be there when you need them. Call us now at (719) 337-6506 if you need immediate help.

 We offer complete roadside assistance for nearly any situation –

For roadside assistance Amigo Towing does it all!

Flat Tire Change

Believe it or not, a flat tire on the highway can be one of the most dangerous situations a driver in Colorado Springs (or any city, for that matter) can find him or herself in.
Night or day, a flat tire that forces your car to be stranded alongside a busy road or highway can be extremely dangerous and many oncoming vehicles driving in heavy traffic oftentimes can’t see the stranded car until it’s too late.
Roadside assistance from Amigo Towing in Colorado Springs will help get you and your car out of this dangerous and inconvenient situation fast! Just call us at 719-337-6506 and we’ll be there in a flash!

Dead Battery

Sometimes your car’s battery flat out gives up. And it often happens at the worst possible times When you’re late for work, late for an appointment, or in a cold and lonely parking lot late at night. Amigo Towing will come to you and get you on your way with roadside assistance – pronto!

Out Of Gas?

Hey – it happens to all of us at one time or another. Life gets too busy and we forget to feed our car the gas it needs to take us to work, to take the kids to school – just about anywhere we want to go! Amigo Towing’s roadside assistance will rush emergency fuel to you (gasoline or diesel) wherever you are – just call us ay (719) 337-6506 24/7/365 and we’ll be there in a flash!

Locked Out Of Your Car?

Don’t worry – it happens to us all at one time or another. We get in a hurry, or get preoccupied with something and then it happens – we lock the car, only to realize the keys are locked inside! Amigo Towing can safely get your keys back to you with no damage to your car!
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You’re in good hands with Amigo Towing!

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