Accident Towing

No one prays for an accident to happen. Unfortunately, they’re inevitable in the long run – and you’ll need accident towing for your car, truck or SUV. One mindless moment, just a little bad luck, and severe weather are all unforeseeable factors that have the potential to lead to a road accident, and eventually they sometimes do. Most of the time, you’re looking at a fender bender or damage to some other part. However, some accidents are so serious that the vehicle has to be towed since it can’t be safely driven away from the site in question.

Snow Accident

When such instances arise, then proper accident towing is necessary for recovery safety. After law enforcement and sometimes medical services, towing companies are among the teams of first response to accident locations. They’re expected to provide both passengers and vehicles safety.

Amigo Towing stands ready to assist you after a car accident in Colorado Springs. We are specialists in emergency towing and recovery following an auto accident, and we assure you fast and friendly Colorado Springs towing that’s affordable, safe, and trustworthy when you need towing right now. Regardless of where your vehicle accident happens, be it a back country road or I-25, it’s always our aim to respond to you quickly with Colorado’s best towing services.

Accidents Due To Snow Storm

The roads are almost always slick after a snowstorm. Even if there is only a little bit of snow on the ground, you can bet that some of the snow has melted and turned to ice overnight. That deadly action makes for incredibly slick roads and many auto accidents the morning after a snow storm.

We urge all drivers to practice extreme caution driving the morning after a snow storm. While there may only be an inch or two of snow on the roads, underneath it all is most likely a layer of ice that will cause big problems.

If you should happen to hit a curb – or even hit another vehicle due to slick roads, Amigo Towing will be there to help you recover your vehicle and move it safely and inexpensively to your repair shop of choice.

What Should You Do Following A Car Accident?

  • Stay calm yourself, and also focus on making sure those around you are safe and calm.
  • Check yourself out for injuries, as well as those around you.
  • If possible, move away from traffic and the road to a safer location.
  • Turn your car’s hazard lights on.
  • Call law enforcement and any other needed authorities in cases of physical injuries or substantial vehicle damage.
  • If your car can’t be driven, call a towing service.

What We Do Following An Accident:

After any accident, Amigo Towing is committed to your personal and physical safety while providing you affordable yet quality tow truck services.

Here’s what we at Amigo Towing do when we get to an accident scene:

  • Make sure that everyone involved is safe, as well as ensure safety for the physical accident scene.
  • We clear roadways of debris and vehicles.
  • Assist government authorities in ensuring investigation accuracy.
  • Tow your vehicle to the location that you desire.

Why Should You Choose Amigo Towing For Your Accident Towing Needs?

When you pick us to provide the tow truck that gives you car accident recovery, you get the following:

  • Best prices and rates
  • Towing Services you can trust from safety-minded professionals
  • Emergency towing services anytime that you need them
  • Premier customer service