Abandoned And Illegally Parked Vehicles

Amigo Towing can legally remove abandoned and illegally parked vehicles from your home, business or rental property in and around Colorado Springs.abandoned and illegally parked vehicles

Abandoned And Illegally Parked Vehicles

If you’re a business owner or own and/or manage rental properties we can remove illegally parked vehicles from your property.

  • Fire Lane
  • Handicap Space
  • Other illegally parked vehicles

Here are some businesses we can help:

  • Convenience Stores
  • Cleaners
  • Apartment Complex
  • Furniture Store
  • Many others

We Can Patrol Your Property And Legally Tow Vehicles

Amigo Towing can also provide regularly scheduled patrols of your property or business to identify and remove illegally parked and/or abandoned vehicles. Amigo Towing trained and certified personnel will discretely and unobtrusively patrol your property at regular intervals to make sure your parking guidelines are being met. Those vehicles that are not within your guidelines will be appropriately warned and towing them is always a last resort.

If vehicle removal is our only option, the offending vehicle is carefully towed to our lot in Colorado Springs where the owner can then collect the vehicle at a later date.

Property Managers

Are you a property manager who has an abandoned vehicle on the property? Sometimes tenants will remove tires and other items from a vehicle and leave the vehicle on the property. We can remove vehicles in any shape – with or without tires, etc.

It doesn’t matter if your property is a single residence or a multi-family complex of hundreds or thousands of units. Amigo Towing has the credentials, training and courteous, trained towing personnel to effectively manage any property situation where vehicles can park on a property.

Commercial or residential, we can take the responsibility of making sure that your parking guidelines are followed for a well-managed and harmonious parking and vehicle situation on your property.

Give Amigo Towing a call today at 719-337-6506 today or contact us HERE and let the experts at Amigo Towing deal with the hassle of abandoned and illegally parked vehicles on your property or place of business.