Despite the fact that consumers and car owners are always complaining about how difficult it is to keep a car maintained, there are some basic car maintenance tips that anyone can do if they just take the time to learn. These are quick and easy car maintenance tips and can save a lot of money in the long run.

car maintenance tips

Windshield Wipers

Learn how to replace your windshield wipers. This is easy to do from home. Most of these wipers aren’t replaced often enough so plan to do it at least annually if not every six months. Simply unlock the locking tab and press it down. Your old wiper should slide right off of the arm of the wipers. Now simply install the new wiper and lock the tab back down. It’s that simple. You’ll be amazed at how this one step can make such a huge difference when you’re driving. If you have a station wagon or an SUV – don’t forget to replace the rear wiper!

Check and Change The Oil

Learning how to change the oil is very important. It can readily be done at home and should always include changing the oil filter as well. Start by locating where the oil pan is underneath of the car. From there loosen the plug from the pan and allow the old oil to drip out into a container underneath. After all of the oil is drained out it’s time to change the filter. Remove the old one and the rubber gasket. Place the new filter on with fresh oil and reattach. Ensure that you are also attaching the gasket. Now replace the drain plug and insert the appropriate amount of oil back into your car. You can take the old oil to an auto parts store and recycle it there

Replace Your Air Filter

Your air filter is also easy to replace. You can simply buy a new one and replace it at home as well. It’s just above your carburetor and encased in black colored plastic. Pop the case open and remove the old air filter. Gently bang it on the ground, your shoe or even the palm of your hand. If you lose a lot of dirt, great, if not, it’s time for a new one to be installed.

Inspect Your Battery

Always clean and check your connections on the battery as well. You won’t require a certified mechanic for this either. Simply clean the connections by removing them, take a wire brush and some baking soda mixed with water and clean each port completely. Once you’re done, you can replace the connections. Always disconnect and connect the negative cable first. Be sure that you retighten all of the connections carefully so that you won’t have any other issues.

Know How To Replace Your Fuses

Lastly, you can also know how to replace your fuses. This isn’t too difficult and you’ll find your cars fuse box either underneath of the dashboard, in the glove box or on the drivers side. Fuse boxes usually have a diagram showing you which fuse goes to what in the car. If something isn’t running this is usually easy to remedy as the diagram can guide you to the exact fuse that is out.